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;Learning to change your oil can be very rewarding, saving you time and money. Follow these tips from the experts at CB Synthetics in Gramercy, Louisiana.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, But Just Right!

If you’ve been running your engine for a long time, your oil is likely too hot to change without getting burned. Wait for it to cool down. If the car has been sitting for a while, the oil will not be warm enough to drain easily. Start the engine just for a few minutes before getting started. ;

Knowing the Right Size

Do not ever use an adjustable wrench or socket on the drain plug to avoid stripping the head. Only use a box-end wrench of the correct size. ;

Don’t Trust Jack

Always use jack stands, and never just a jack alone. One little slip and you’ll wish you had extra support.

Filter Wrench

Only use the filter wrench to remove the oil filter, not to put it on. Hand-tightening is sufficient and the wrench can puncture the filter. And put some oil on the filter’s gasket before screwing it on.

Line ‘em Up

Line up the bottles of oil you will need to fill your pan. You don’t want to lose count and forget how much you’ve put in.


Find oil and oil filter recycling centers near you at Don’t just dump it in the garbage or flush it down the drain. ;

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