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A DIY Guide to Motorcycle Engine Oil Care

Two years ago, I bought my first motorcycle. The truth is,  I had no idea of the care involved. Nobody is born knowing, so I decided I would learn. In the first year, my warranty covered all services but the dealership was far. I began my motorcycle...
If you have not gotten your boat out and ready for the water, now is the time. De-winterizing your boat is important before hitting the water. Be sure your boat does not start acting finicky when you need it to get you back to dry land. We have a few tips for you to get you and your boat ready.


 Learning to change your oil can be very rewarding, saving you time and money. Follow these tips from the experts at CB Synthetics in Gramercy, Louisiana.

Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold, But Just Right!

If you’ve been running your engine for a long time, your oil is likely too hot to change without...
Road trips can be great fun: you get to see new places, have adventures, and enjoy some time outside of your town. Now that the summer months have rolled around, you have the perfect opportunity to break out of your routine and hit the road. However, before you do, there are a few things that you...
Shopping for motor oil can be stressful because of all the different options that exist. Most people stick to what they know and don’t stray far from their usual conventional oils. However, synthetic oils can be a great choice. Before you decide what oil to put in your vehicle next, we here at CB...
The type of motor oil you use in your vehicle can have a large impact on your vehicle’s performance, but external factors can affect your motor oil’s efficiency. Knowing the impact of extreme weather conditions on certain types of motor oils can help you make a more informed decision the next...

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