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The type of motor oil you use in your vehicle can have a large impact on your vehicle’s performance, but external factors can affect your motor oil’s efficiency. Knowing the impact of extreme weather conditions on certain types of motor oils can help you make a more informed decision the next time you’re in the market for oil. At CB Synthetics we can help you understand how weather affects your oil and what this means for your vehicle’s performance.

Extreme heat

Hot summer temperatures combined with your vehicle’s operating temperature can have substantial effects on conventional oils. The heat can cause conventional oils to evaporate and lose additives reducing their lubricating and cooling capabilities. Since it is evaporating faster, your vehicle’s oil consumption will be raised. The heat can also cause the viscosity of your conventional motor oil to change causing it to flow less fluidly. Sludge and buildup on your engine can cause more wear and affect your vehicle’s overall performance.
Synthetic oils can help you avoid some of these issues because of their ability to maintain their viscosity in extreme heat. Synthetic oils will continue to flow well and won’t evaporate like conventional oils, reducing strain on your vehicle. Synthetic oils will also cause less deposits ensuring your vehicle’s engine runs more smoothly. The reduced pressure and and wear on your engine due to synthetic oils’ properties will help maintain your vehicle running smoother for longer.

Sub-zero temperatures

Freezing temperatures can also affect how your motor oil flows. Conventional oils tend to get thicker in cold weather and, as a result, move more slowly through your engine. The reduced flow of your motor oil can leave parts exposed and unprotected for short periods of time.
Like in extreme heat, synthetic oils maintain their form in sub-zero temperatures making them more effective in all types of weather. Freezing temperatures won’t affect their ability to flow through your vehicle’s engine properly and therefore will reduce wear. Reduced wear can help keep your engine happy and healthy for longer. ;

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