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If you have not gotten your boat out and ready for the water, now is the time. De-winterizing your boat is important before hitting the water. Be sure your boat does not start acting finicky when you need it to get you back to dry land. We have a few tips for you to get you and your boat ready.


Take a look at your propellers. Look for dings, pitting and cracks. You need to check to make sure the propellers is secured and that the bearings are working properly. Replace any bearings that do not seem to be working.

Metal and Wood 

Visually inspect any metal and wood surfaces. There may be pitting that could eventually compromise the integrity of the system it is a part of or your boat as a whole. Pitting can start off small but can lead to big problems.


Take a few moments to check out the hull before you put it in the water. You might find blisters or cracks. Obviously you do not want your boat taking on water because of a missed hole in the hull. Check for any distortions and have them fixed ASAP. CB Synthetics offers a wide range of AMSOIL products for you boat. We also have AMSOIL synthetic oil and additives for your vehicle and other equipment. Give us a call at (225) 612-5982. Check out our blog for more fun summer tips like ways to make a road trip smoother. For synthetic oil in Gramercy, LA look no further than CB Synthetics.    

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